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A Building Defect Report is a broad-ranging report that can be provided at various stages during a building project. The report is designed to give you a written document that has been collated by a professional to identify defects within a building project.

Stages of performing a defects report:

  • during the build
  • at the completion of the building project
  • sometime after the project has been completed.

During the inspection, we will identify defects in the building process. Some of these issues may be but are not limited to:

  • addressing concerns, you specifically have about or during the build process
  • footing issues
  • framing issues
  • cracked walls
  • cracked brickwork
  • unstable internal linings
  • roofing defects
  • water inundation around windows and skirts
  • water issues in bathrooms
  • poor or defective drainage practices
  • cladding is not secure or loose
  • the underperformance of energy rating.

Building reports can encompass all areas of a build. This can be from large commercial buildings and industrial building reports to new homes or simply new works you have undertaken to an existing building. Extensions, decks, carports and garages are just some of the structures that may require a defects report.

If you have moved into your new home and have concerns these are just some of the reasons to call the team at Surf Coast Building Inspections.