Building Inspections Armstrong Creek

Surf Coast Building Inspections Armstrong Creek, helping to protect your investment

Our homes are built to protect us from the elements, however, if you purchase a home that has defects you were not made aware of, this could cost you dearly. With 40 years in the home inspection industry, Surf Coast Building Inspections Armstrong Creek has been informing clients of any potential issues before they take the plunge to become a new home owner. Our chief inspector, Steve Marshall, is a registered builder, and therefore highly regarded when it comes to providing pre-purchase inspections for clients throughout Armstrong Creek. Take the stress away with one call to the team at Surf Coast Building Inspections Armstrong Creek, on 0498 823 331.

Why pre-purchase inspections of Armstrong Creek properties matter

When you typically purchase an item and it turns out to be faulty, you can return it to the place of purchase, no problems. Property is a different matter, once the cooling off period has expired, the property is yours. Defects may not be obvious to the untrained eye, and if you discover these problems years or months after you have purchased your property, you are unfortunately stuck with it. This can severely affect the value of your property or leave you out of pocket to fix it. Pre-purchase inspections of Armstrong Creek properties is the only way to avoid this problem. Pre-purchase inspections in Armstrong Creek are completed by the professional and independent inspectors at Surf Coast, to the highest possible standard. They will go through every aspect of your home to ensure that you get no nasty surprises further down the track. We can’t stress just how important pre-purchase inspections are to organise whenever purchasing a property in Armstrong Creek.

What do you get with Surf Coast building inspections at your Armstrong Creek property?

Whether it is your first foray into purchasing a home, or your twentieth investment property, Surf Coast Building Inspections Armstrong Creek is a name you need to keep close at hand. Organising detailed inspections of your properties is important to ensure that your property is in the best condition possible. All building inspections in Armstrong Creek completed by Surf Coast are done in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1. You are guaranteed that we will look over every aspect of your property such as outside areas including driveways, footpaths, and outdoor living areas; the inside of your home including door frames, windows, walls, and trimmings; the roof including the main roof cavity, insulation, wiring, external roof tiling, flashing, guttering, and downpipes; and underneath your home including sub-floor area, piers, footings, foundations and framing. Our inspectors are the very best in the industry, and able to answer all your questions regarding the need for building inspections in Armstrong Creek.

Remember your hand over inspection when building in Armstrong

From purchasing a property to building our dream home, let us take care of all your needs with our new home inspections in Armstrong. Before home owners move in, a hand over inspections of Armstrong properties will ensure your new home build is free from minor and major building faults. We are completely independent from your home builder, so we can take a close look and will ensure that nothing was missed by your builder. If we do spot any problem during the new home inspection of your Armstrong property, we can assist you with advice on how to handle it so that your home will be in the best state possible before you move in. Cover all your bases with a hand over inspection, and you will be able to move into your new home without a care in the world.

Sleep soundly knowing for sure that your potential property is in the best possible condition. Phone now on 0498 823 331 and book your combined pre-purchase building in Armstrong Creek, from the dedicated team at Surf Coast Building Inspections Armstrong Creek.