Building Inspections Lorne

Know exactly what you are buying with Surfcoast Building Inspections Lorne

Property purchasing can be a bit of a game, but make sure you are ahead from the start with Surf Coast Building Inspections Lorne. After 35 years in the industry, our chief inspector, Steve Marshall, who is a registered builder, knows exactly what to look for. Steve has been a coastal resident for many years, and knows exactly how to spot any defects that tend to be quite common in homes situated close to the ocean. At Surf Coast, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality pre-purchase inspections in Lorne at the lowest cost. For inspectors that really take care when serving locals, call Surf Coast Building Inspections Lorne today on 0498 823 331.

How do pre-purchase inspections help your Lorne home?

Purchasing a property is a culmination of years spent working to save for a deposit, and then finding that dream home to put your hard earned savings into. However, homes that look amazing on the surface, can hide some deadly secrets. This is exactly why pre-purchase inspections in Lorne are so important. Any kind of defects can not only cause damage to your property or safety concerns for your family, depending on how bad the damage is, it could mean you lose thousands of dollars off the value of your investment. Pre-purchase inspections of Lorne properties is one of the best ways to ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to getting the best property possible. With Surf Coast, all pre-purchase inspections in Lorne are provided to you by dedicated, professional and independent inspectors. When your Surf Coast inspector arrives at your property, they will go through every single detail, providing you with a report in order for you to make a final decision on the property in question.

Trust the team at Surf Coast Building Inspections Lorne

We have seen time and time again, people who have not had a building inspection, or used a sub-par service, the end result is disappointing. Surf Coast have been in the business a long time, and our inspectors are highly experienced when it comes to building inspections throughout Lorne. We complete all building inspections in Lorne in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1. We cover every point of your home – top to bottom. This includes the outside, inside, roof and underneath your home. After building inspections are completed on your Lorne home, you will receive a report within 24 hours of our visit, with detailed information and coloured photographs included so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should proceed with the purchase of the property. For the very best inspectors in the industry, look no further than Surf Coast Building Inspections Lorne.

Be sure to book your hand over inspections in Lorne with Surf Coast Building Inspections

The last thing you need to ensure you do when you are building a brand new home, is to book a new home inspection in Lorne. A building site can be an overwhelming place, and while your builder does everything they can to ensure your home is built to all standards, there are sometimes things that are missed, and you may not realise until it is much too late. A hand over inspection in Lorne is all you need to sleep more soundly at night knowing your dream home hasn’t turned into a nightmare. All our building inspectors at Surf Coast Building Inspections are completely independent from your builder, so we can provide you with unbiased and accurate reports for new home inspections in Lorne. Cross the last thing off your list, and call us today for complete peace of mind before you move in to your brand new home.

All reports provided by Surf Coast Building Inspections Lorne are completed within 24 hours, and come with full colour photographs. For the best in the industry, be sure to book your pre-purchase building inspections in Lorne with us today on 0498 823 331.